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About us

Bio-Tech and Med Device industry - We know you are different!

Vita Digitus, an evocative Latin name, seamlessly blends the essence of life and digital technology. Inspired by this integration, we provide sophisticated solutions in the realms of life sciences, consumer industries, and digital transformation. ​With profound insights into the challenges and opportunities within the life sciences and consumer sectors, combined with our expertise in cutting-edge digital advancements, Vita Digitus Consulting specializes in delivering exceptional guidance at the intersection of these domains.
We recognize the uniqueness of each client, and our paramount objective is to provide bespoke strategic advice for achieving organizational excellence, navigating digital transformation initiatives, implementing state-of-the-art digital solutions, and crafting customized strategies to address specific challenges and objectives.
At Vita Digitus Consulting, we offer diverse services meticulously crafted to foster growth and inspire innovation. Our comprehensive offerings encompass organization excellence, organizational change management, and program management and encompass a comprehensive digital transformation approach enriched by data analysis and insights derived from advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Moreover, our technology evaluation and selection services ensure that our clients benefit from optimal digital solutions.

Our Story

Finding Inspiration in
Every Turn

Drawing upon our team’s extensive operational and consulting experience with renowned firms, where we prioritized value, people, and successful transformations, we founded Vita Digitus. At Vita Digitus, we believe that businesses can achieve extraordinary heights through strategic guidance and digital innovation. With a comprehensive understanding of industry dynamics and cutting-edge methodologies, we guide organizations through successful transformations. Our approach combines deep industry knowledge, digital expertise, and data-driven insights to optimize operations, elevate customer experiences, and fuel sustainable growth.
Driven by a passion for delivering exceptional results, we have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of our strategies. Our clients’ success stories fuel our drive to push boundaries and exceed expectations continually.

Our Team.

At Vita Digitus, we firmly believe in inclusiveness and collaboration, combining our industry expertise to serve organizations on their digital transformation and innovation journey. With a founder like Pallav Bhatnagar, who boasts 30 years of operational experience and a wealth of digital transformation expertise across various sectors such as pharma, chemical, med tech, and consumer industries, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Guided by a growth mindset and a keen eye for detail, we are committed to ensuring the successful execution of all initiatives. ​

Moreover, we take pride in our diverse and global team, which allows us to draw upon a wide range of perspectives and insights to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions. Our network of partnerships strengthens our capabilities, enabling us to offer cutting-edge technologies and best practices to address our client’s unique challenges and requirements. Through collaboration, innovation, and a customer-centric approach, Vita Digitus aims to be the trusted partner that organizations can rely on to navigate the complexities of digital transformation successfully.

Pallav Bhatnagar

Founder & Advisor

Amit Kumar

Chief Technology Advisor

Prashanthi Chennupati

VP Digital Transformation

Ajay Goyal

Partner Quality and Delivery